One Woman and Her Dog… and an iPhone

I am lucky enough to enjoy a daily walk with my dog Benjy just minutes from my house in beautiful open countryside alongside Marriott’s Way. The Norfolk skies and scenery of the changing seasons are simply beautiful. Over the past two years I have captured these moments on my iPhone. A selection of these images is now on display at The Mill Cafe Bar & Restaurant in Yaxham, Norfolk.

Capturing images on the iPhone has been great fun with simple editing in Snapseed to bring out some of the colours and shadows.

The images may become particularly relevant as a record of what the landscape looked like, as the proposed NDR will clip the corner of the field and it is uncertain as to whether we will be able to walk the field any more once the new road is built.

Sunset from Marriott's Way Running in the tree belt beside the field

When photographing in the field I had not imagined that the images would be displayed other than on social media. But now that they are the subject of this small exhibition I hope that they will inspire others to build visual diaries or capture impromptu moments with their phone cameras…


Keeping Abreast Portrait Exhibition: Femininity Comes From Within

I thought that it would be timely to write an update regarding “Project KAPE” (Keeping Abreast Portrait Exhibition), now that it has almost been 2 years in the making… The original set of images was exhibited at Norwich’s Undercroft in the city centre for 10 days in November 2013.


Femininity Comes from Within at The Undercroft, Norwich, November 2013

The exhibition was very well-received, with wonderful comments from visitors who found the images and the accompanying dialogue by the each of the ladies’ enlightening and inspiring. The true essence of femininity, strength and courage in adversity shone through each woman’s unique story in her image and her words…


Pictured (Me – right) with Victoria White (Left) National Development and Fundraising Manager for Keeping Abreast and Elaine Sassoon (Centre) Patron of Keeping Abreast and Surgeon at NNUH

And so I wondered what about if we managed to invite more women to be involved? Would it be possible to undertake 50 portraits and give the stories of 50 women…And how powerful would that be to give a message to those who are newly-diagnosed, awaiting surgery, contemplating surgery, supporting a loved-one, faced with options and decisions, not knowing their options, or simply in need of inspiration.

Working with regional support groups from Keeping Abreast, more ladies volunteered to take part and now the collection of images represents women from across the UK.

I have now photographed 41 beautiful, lovely, sharing, caring, courageous women, each one happy to give themselves to the project to help and inspire others. I am so privileged that each woman has let me see her strength and vulnerability through my camera. And I am always amazed at the generosity of heart of each lady that I meet.


Over half of the models (including some from the Bristol and South West Regional Group) attended a photo call, outside The Library Restaurant in Norwich with local MP, Chloe Smith.

I am expecting to have photographed 50 ladies by the end of the Spring and so plans are now underway to reserve exhibition space. In conjunction with Keeping Abreast applications are already underway to exhibit nationally. I hope to confirm very soon when and where these will take place.

If you can offer exhibition space please get in touch either via the Keeping Abreast website or my website.

Original blog from November 2013 on my website can be seen here